How to Befriend a Spider

October 08, 2021 Matt Musgrove Season 1 Episode 1
How to Befriend a Spider
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CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes mild language and intense moments for individuals with arachnophobia.

Arachnophobia, meet anthropophobia.
Phoebe has horrific arachnophobia with a dark secret and her worst nightmare is blocking her way out.

Performed by Lily Yasuda, Rina Hoshino
Additional voices by Andrew Alburger, Aly Wepplo, and Chris Carwithen

Music by Tess Makena
Co-editing by Cherron Arens
Written and Produced by Matt Musgrove




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               A scream from behind a door. Heart beats. Agitated breathing.

                         No no no, oh please no please.
                         Dad?! DAD?!
                             (stuttered inhale)
                         breathe -- 

               Spider moves.

                             (whimpered cry)
                         No stop don't NO!

               She tries to breathe. A buzzing of a fly in binaural

                                   FLY HOST
                         I'm a pretty logical guy -- and I
                         don't have too many irrational
                         fears. But when it comes to spiders
                         I really have to convince myself
                         they're not as dangerous as I may

               Another cry from behind the door.

                                   FLY HOST (CONT'D)
                         I'm Matt Musgrove the producer of
                         EarWyrm, currently as a fly, and in
                         this episode we'll explore why it's
                         important to keep our minds
                         empathetic and our fears in check,
                         to better our lives and others.  

                         Dad!? Dad!?

                                   FLY HOST
                         This is: How To Befriend a Spider.

                             (hopelessly calling out)
                             (heavy breathing, trying
                              to swallow)
                         Okay. Okay. It's just a bug -- 

               She whines and retreats to her bed.

                         Dad. I need help -- Dad, please.

                                   CHARLOTTE (CONT'D)
                         I can help. 
                             (long beat)
                         Your Dad left to go to the store.
                         I saw his car leave.

               Phoebe exhales with disbelief.

                                   CHARLOTTE (CONT'D)
                         Hello? You there? Hola...
                         salutations, wazzup, I'm Charlotte!
                         What's you're name? --

               Siri sound: beepbeep.

                             (to siri)
                         Call Dad.

                         Calling Dad.

                         Oh, it's okay, you don't need to be
                         afraid -- I left my knife at home.


                         Just a spider joke. Spider's don't
                         have knives...yet -- another spider

                         Your call has been forwarded to an
                         automated voice messaging system --

                                   DAD VOICEMAIL RECORDING
                             (awkwardly peppy)
                         Hey you've reached ma voicemail. 
                         Please leave a message after the
                         tone --

                         -- is not available. At the tone
                         please record your message. 

                         Dad? Damnit. Come on.

                                   VOICEMAIL (CONT'D)
                         When you've finished recording you
                         may hang up, or press one for more


                         Dad it's Pheobe. Where are you? I
                         need you to come home right now.
                         You need to kill a spider. It's
                         literally by my bedroom door and I
                         can't leave. I dropped my glasses --
                         and -- I'm probably having a mental
                         breakdown -- 

                         Ohhh okay -- Phoebe -- looks like
                         you need to work some things out.
                         I'll be under the dresser if you
                         need me.

                         And um -- I --

                         Your message has been sent. 



               Long beat.

                             (behind the dresser)
                         Now if I had a grenade or a
                         bazooka, THAT would warrant extreme
                         terror. And who uses voicemail
                         anymore, it's called a text.

               Frantic tapping of texting.

                             (breathing to herself)
                         Okay, you're hearing voices. This
                         is an anthropomorphic response to a
                         rational fear. 

               Boop. Text sends.

                             (behind the dresser)
                         Pff rational... 

                             (to herself)
                         My brain is protecting me.

                             (behind the dresser)
                         Well whether you're losing your
                         mind or psychic, let's talk!

                         No. Go away -- or die. I'm good
                         with either.

                             (behind the dresser)
                         Whoa, so that's how it is. Psh --
                         you don't know me --
                             (mumbling/trailing off)
                         What I do... the value of my life?
                         That's some bipedal b.s.

               She hits her head. 

                                   PHOEBE (CONT'D)
                         Ow. Freaking shelf!

                         You okay?

                         I can't see anything.

                         You need glasses.

                         I have glasses - I - they fell off
                         when I jumped on the bed, and --
                         (irate) no, nope -- I'm not talking
                         to you. You're just a freaky --
                         FREAK bug -- ok I can just DO THIS!
                         Get the freaking glasses, Pheobe!

               Phoebe barrels towards Charlotte.


               She shoves the dresser against the wall.


               Phoebe goes back to the bed. Glasses nervously clicking as
               she fumbles them on her face.

                             (nervously breathing)
                         Where are you, you little spawn of
                         Satan? Hm? 
                         Are you still under the dresser? I
                         have a fly swatter and I'm not
                         afraid to use it. 


                         Oh, wait. Are you talking to me?
                         You want to know where I am? Oh
                         sorry-sorry, for a minute there I
                         thought a dresser almost crushed me
                         by an irrational human.   
                         My mistake.
                         You scratched the paint on the wall
                         by the way.  

                         I'm not irrational. Everyone's
                         afraid of spiders.

                         Even your Dad?

                         Both my parents. 

                         Ah -- runs in the family. Mom and
                         Dad scream at spider, child does
                         same. Monkey see, monkey scream.

                         No it's like -- a genetic thing or
                         something -- we evolved to hate

                         Or conditioned. Don't underestimate
                         the power of culture.
                         How do you know it's genetic? 
                             (through teeth)
                         Is it a primate thing? It's a
                         primate thing.

                         I don't know, it could be genetic
                         and also a cultural thing. We're
                         programmed. I've done my research,
                         okay. In like the Middle Ages, for
                         centuries, spiders -- we thought,
                         poisoned and contaminated food, and
                         water, brought the Plague -- but
                         then it wasn't true, it was like
                         rat-fleas --

                         Really. Those assholes.

                         And illnesses they didn't know
                         about, AND Tarantism hysteria,
                         which is dancing caused by a spider
                         bite -- so now I have to deal with
                         hundreds of years of ingrained
                         bullshit my ancestors jacked up. 

                         Eloquently put. I'm surprised you
                         researched that -- being an

                         No, that's the thing. I don't want
                         to be. I hate being scared. That's
                         why I read up about it. It's really
                         messed up my life. 
                         Like --
                         I've been in like -- three spider
                         related car accidents.

               Echoed flashback.

                                   PHOEBE MEMORY
                         What's that? I just saw something
                         crawl under the seat.

                                   DAD MEMORY
                         Under the seat? -- WATCH IT!

               CRASH. End memory.

                         Whoa, that bad huh?

                         Yeah. Really bad.
                         -- I've even lost relationships.

                         You have not. Because of me?

                         Yeah -- Well, not you specifically,
                         but yeah, I've --
                         I've lost relationships...

               Overlapping dialogue. Transitioning to different locations.

                                   BOYFRIEND MEMORY
                         No, stop saying that -- 

                                   PHOEBE MEMORY
                         Then what is it?

                                   BOYFRIEND MEMORY
                         Of course it's not your scar --
                         It's -- you're always freaking out,
                         you're so -- so -- anxious and
                         insecure it's infuriating!

                                   PHOEBE MEMORY
                         That's not fair --

                                   GIRLFRIEND MEMORY
                         No it isn't -- I don't know who I
                         am, taking care of you.

                                   BOYFRIEND 2 MEMORY
                         Spending time with you feels like

                                   GIRLFRIEND MEMORY
                         And I wish it wasn't.

                                   GIRLFRIEND AND BOYDRIEND MEMORY
                         That's not what a relationship is.

               End memory.

                         Also -- I spend like a third of my
                         day lookin under furniture. 

                         For me? 

                         It's just a lot of time and stress
                         invested into something relatively

                         I'm flattered.

                         I hate it. So that's why I look
                         things up online. 

                         Ah the world-wide web.

                         Uh -- yeah, for exposure therapy I
                         guess -- It's supposed to help.

                         Well look at you Spidey-girl --

                         Don't call me that.


                         Just don't. 




                         I -- uh -- so [swallows] I look at
                         pictures online, I educate myself
                         and I power through my fears, aand 
                         - it's tough --

                         No that's good! Really -- not many
                         people actually go and do that.
                         Usually they're more worried about
                         changing the world than changing
                         themselves, which changes the
                         world, so -- 
                         yaaay bravery.

                         Well it's been ruining my life for
                         a while now -- I have to. 
                             (to herself)
                         What is going on. I'm really losing

               Beat. Phoebe breath quickens.

                                   PHOEBE (CONT'D
                         Are you still behind the dresser?

               No response.

                                   PHOEBE (CONT'D)
                         Talk to me. I'm literally dying
                         inside not knowing where you are.

                             (above Phoebe)
                         Oh good -- for a moment there I
                         thought it was hypothetical.


               Charlotte descends from the ceiling. The web is the sound of
               a stretching metal chord or violin string.

                         Comin' down and exposure therapy
                         coming up!


               WACK. She goes flying and hits the floor. 

               Charlotte winces in pain.

                                   PHOEBE (CONT'D)
                         I didn't -- I mean. It just,
                         happened so fast --
                         Are you hurt?

                         What do you think? You're the one 
                         humanizing spiders. 

                         Okay just -- back off. I didn't
                         want this -- I'm the one freaked
                         out, okay.

                         Sure. You're suffering, you're
                         hurt. I'm just drowning in kindness
                         over here. 
                             (to self)
                         So typical of "big things." And
                         after getting a fly swatter to the

                         I'm sorry! There.


                         Thank you. -- For saying that.
                         It's the first step.

                         First step to what?

                         Becoming my friend.

                         Uh -- Oh no, I don't want to be --
                         you know --

                         Oh. Okay. 
                         Roommates works too.

                         No -- that's not --

                         I don't party, I rarely have
                         company over I'm not eating. And
                         you'll know where I am -- all the
                         time -- I'm on my web like twenty
                         four seven.

                         Wait. Stop.

                         I'm clean -- well except for my
                         molting, sorry - might have left a
                         skeleton around here somewhere. 

                         No --
                         OH and no pets, I don't smoke -- 
                         Well, are you four-twenty friendly?

                         No I -- Spider! 

                         It's Charlotte.

                         What part of "I'm disgusted and
                         terrified of you" don't you

                         Terrified? Of what?

                         I don't know... you have hairy

                         So do you --

                         Yeah but you have like a hundred of

                         Eight. And elephants have an
                         excessive nose. What do you want
                         from me? 

                         It's just -- feels unnatural.

                         No, the platypus is unnatural and
                         you've got TEN fingers and a wet
                         wiggly pink thing in your mouth.

                         You're super fast --

                         Thank you -- we've had many years
                         of running from you.

                         Funny. -- And all those eyes.

                         All the better to see you with my
                         dear. No but for real -- if you
                         were to blindfold any of my eyes,
                         I'd be a mess. They weren't
                         designed to freak you out okay. The
                         world doesn't revolve around you -- 

                         And you eat flies. 


                         Flies eat poop.

                         Really? We're gonna go there?

                         I'm just telling you things I find
                         gross about you. Don't take it

                         Uh huh. Well you're really making
                         it difficult. 
                         Okay, what did you have for lunch?


                         What'd you have for lunch?

                         Not bugs if that's --

                         No just -- what did you eat?

                         Mac and cheese with sliced hot

                         Ha. Are you kidding me? Hot dogs? I
                         mean I'm all about liquefying my
                         meals and wrapping them in casing --
                         but intestinal lining filled with
                         eyeballs and butt parts -- over
                         breast milk noodles. Yep.

                         Okay okay, gross, I get your point.

                         That's a — whole other level of
                         nasty. I'm eating fresh bugs over
                         here while you're into corn-syrup -
                         butt wiener nuggets.

                         I get it! How do you know all this?

                         Because I'm psychic.

                         Or I'm projecting.

                         Or you're avoiding the subject.

                         What do you want me to say? I don't
                         eat bugs, alright.

                         Yeah you do. You eat like -- what
                         are those weird looking scorpion
                         shrimp -- crawdads -- you eat
                         crawdads. Crustaceans. Scavengers. 
                         Lobsters. Crabs -- you know -- the
                         giant water cockroaches with claws? 
                         They eat dead things, just like
                         flies -- and don't even get me
                         started on Fungi.

                         For your information, I don't eat

                         I was talking culturally,
                         cuuuulturally -- but, whatever. I
                         really don't care what you eat.
                         You're just really ridin' my
                         abdomen on this one.
                         And just so you know, our
                         compatibility is through the roof.
                         We're symbiotic. I could make this
                         place a "no-fly zone" for you if
                         you wanted.


                         Thanks, spider-joke -- your diet
                         argument is moot. Sooo... 
                         Why can't we be friends?

                         Because that's not how the world
                         works. I'm not -- humans aren't
                         friends with bugs.

                         What about butterflies? 
                         You lose your shit for butterflies.
                         "Oh! It landed in my eye! Isn't
                         that cute!"

                         Butterflies are different. 


                         They're pretty.

                         AH HAH! Now we're getting

                         No I -- I didn't -- well, you bite
                         people okay.

                         Eighty percent of our bites are
                         misdiagnosed and... No, nope. I
                         know what humans think of me, I
                         just -- it hurts to hear it out
                         loud. I've always struggled with
                         the way I look.

                         This is ridiculous. What the hell
                         is going on?

                             (stopping her from
                         Hupbupbupbupbup. This has been a
                         long time comin'. A spider's
                         lament: chapter one. 
                         Hollywood brands me as one of the
                         most terrifying things on this
                         friggin' planet. Eight-legged
                         Freaks, Arachnaphobia, Shelob,
                         Aragog, Little Miss Muffet for
                         god's sake -- the list goes on. I'm
                         powerless against the power of the
                         consumer. Right? Right. Would you
                         defend spider rights in court? Hell
                         And I'M certainly not the
                         "spokespider" for my species. I'm
                         an anxious arachnid. An introverted
                             (long beat)
                         An edgy eight-legged arthropod -- 

                         Okay okay --

                         I have no voice! -- and if I don't
                         matter...people will just keep
                         seeing me as another evil, violent,
                         nuisance to society. Even if I
                         changed a few minds, Hollywood
                         would just make another big scary
                         movie enabling the audience to say,
                         "oh good, now I don't feel bad
                         about squishing and stomping." And
                         when money is to be made... Bam.
                         Stereotyped. It's always an uphill
                         battle with your superficial

                         You done?

                         NO! YOU decided we were the bad
                         guys because of the way we look.
                         Caterpillars can hide behind their
                         butterfly wings. No matter how
                         beautiful I make my web -- it's how
                         I look.
                         Maybe if I wore makeup or a costume
                         to look like you. Like a fairy.
                         Yeah - then maybe then you could
                         see me for who I am. If I was like
                         a badass fairy huntress. Tinkerbell
                         with a net over my shoulder
                         carrying a bug I just caught with
                         my little elvish poison daggers
                         that magically can't pierce human
                         skin, only my dinner, THEN you'd
                         probably wave to me and show me off
                         to your friends saying, "Check out
                         my little fairy friend! She keeps
                         my room clean and safe from other
                         bugs." You'd be all over that jazz. 
                         If. I. Looked. Like. You. 
                         But I don't. And I shouldn't.

                         I shouldn't want to look like you.
                         I should be proud and happy with
                         who I am and the way I look. 


                         Just (sigh) be careful. If your
                         culture screams and kills spiders
                         as if it's normal, that fear you're
                         trying to shake, will be embedded

                         You're just a spider.

                         Woof -- I'm trying to smooth over
                         thousands of years of spider
                         oppression with one immature girl.

                         Excuse me? I've had a traumatic
                         incident with your kind.


                         Can I ask what happened?

                         I guess -- sure. I was seven years
                         old watching Saturday morning
                         cartoons. My dad was in the kitchen
                         boiling a teapot -- and a jumping
                         spider crawled into my ear. 
                         I'll never forget that feeling. I
                         could hear it. I screamed. Dad came

                                   DAD MEMORY
                         PHEOBE WHAT'S THE MATTER!?

                         I wish he had handled it better.

                                   DAD MEMORY
                         Hey hey -- it's okay. Look at me.
                         Turn your head.
                         I know, this is pretty scary huh.
                         But you're okay. You're not going
                         to get hurt you're not in any
                         danger. It's just a little --
                         little tiny bug okay? It's just
                         scared, like you. It'll come out.
                         Trust me okay?

                         I'm going to get the phone in the
                         kitchen, I'll be right back. 

               She whimpers.

                         But that's not what happened. Like
                         I said -- it runs in the family.

                         OH MY GOD -- OH MY GOD! PHEOBE
                         DON'T MOVE. Shit. What do I do?
                         Sweetie tilt your head. TILT YOUR
                         HEAD. Damnit, I can't get it.

               She's breathing hard. He goes to the kitchen and dials. 

                                   DAD MEMORY
                         Yes. Hello? Yeah, my kid has a
                         spider in her ear. What do I do?
                         It's not going to poison her or
                         something, right?

                         He went to call a nurse. I --
                         couldn't take it. It was moving
                         around, like some kind of horror
                         movie. I kept thinking about what
                         the boys at school said about --
                         you know, spiders laying eggs in
                         your brain, which I know is untrue
                         now but...at seven.
                         I heard the teapot screaming aand --
                         it was the only thing I could think

                                   DAD MEMORY
                         PHEOBE NO!

                         I lost all hearing in my right ear
                         and scalds everywhere. I went into
                         shock, ER, everything. Just a
                         freak's accident - freak accident.
                         And they even --
                         They found the jumping spider on
                         the couch. Apparently it came out
                         before -- 
                         Yep, so spider trauma exhibit A. 

                             (to Charlotte)
                         You can say something if you want.
                         I know I'm a "buzzkill."

                         Spider joke.

                         I don't now what to say. Thank you
                         for opening up.
                         If it's any comfort, I can barley
                         see it -- the scar. 

                         Literally half my face is

                         Nono -- I believe you. I mean, I
                         can barley see it -- I have
                         horrible eyesight. Most of us do. 


                         Ain't no jumpin' spider here. Their
                         eyesight's amazing. I guess that's
                         what I'm getting at, I'm not the
                         spider that did that to you. I make
                         webs. And I'm not trying to sound
                         cold. I understand -- as organisms,
                         we're all putting things in
                         categories. But at some point,
                         after a breakup, you gotta start
                         dating again and -- even eat the
                         food that gave you food poisoning.

                         I guess.

                         So then maybe we can't be friends
                         yet, but how about just not mortal

                         What do you mean?

                         Like, seriously, when have I tried
                         to kill you?

                         Probably all the time. Definitely
                         when I'm asleep I've been bit a
                         bunch of times --

                         Well --

                         Yeah I know. I've heard it's most
                         likely another bug. Bedbugs, mites,
                         mosquitos -- 

                         Yeah mosquitoes -- WHOA can we just
                         take a second to agree they kill
                         EVERYONE. Like THE deadliest
                         creature to humans. And you don't
                         scream at them...so weird. And
                         spiders don't kill like, anyone.
                         My teeth are clean. I'm not
                         carrying any malaria or yellow
                         fever or -- or ZIKA. I'm healthier
                         than a cat scratch after pooping in
                         kitty litter.


                         What do you think, we're like:
                         HAHAHA bow before the all evil.
                         Tremble before my hairiness.
                         AHAHAHA I will eat you...and run
                         around, really fast and -- and
                         wiggle my legs in a weird way! Here
                         I go across the floor. Hahahaha -- 
                         Here I go again AhHAHAHAA. Now that
                         I have thoroughly destroyed your
                         psyche I'm going back to my evil
                         lair to just -- ya know, sit around
                         for most of the day. Yes hehe. 
                         Sit around.

                         You absolutely would go around
                         killing and eating everyone.

                         No, that's what you do. You're
                         putting human thoughts into a
                         different species. I eat everything
                         I catch. You make food and most of
                         the time don't even eat it. I'm not
                         evil, I'm just hungry. Ahh the
                         beautiful romanticism of fear. I
                         mean be careful around Widows and
                         Recluses but you don't need to
                         scream every time you see one. Help
                         the old lady across the street but
                         don't get in the sketchy van. Get

                         I heard there's a spider always 10
                         feet away from a human.

                         Wow, that's a lot of people.

                         No that's a lot of spiders. There
                         aren't sketchy vans ten feet away
                         from every human! Here, I'm gonna
                         look something up. Hey Siri.

               Siri's Boop Boop.

                                   PHOEBE (CONT'D)
                         How many spiders are on Earth
                         compared to humans? 

                         Ok. I found this on the web for how
                         many spiders are on Earth compared
                         to humans

                         Ooooh... the web again, so cool --
                         Why is she Australian?

                         I don't know if this is the site to
                         go to but...okay, there are 25
                         million tons of spiders and 7.8
                         billion people. 

                         Tons, huh? How many tons of humans?

               Clicking on phone.

                         Okay...A human, on average, is 137
                         pounds, so... 137 times 7.8 Billion
                         is... one trillion, sixty-eight
                         billion and six hundred million
                         pounds, which converted into tons
                         is... two thousand pounds per ton,
                         so... wow, hello math.

                         Technically, Siri is doing it for

                         Shut up.


                         Uh, ok it's five hundred and thirty
                         four million, three hundred
                         thousand tons.

                         So about half a billion? 


                         So is that more than twenty five
                         million spider tons?

                         Ok, I get it.

                         Oh, oh... you do? I'm sorry, so
                         what does that mean?

                         That there are more humans in mass
                         than spiders, which means...I don't
                         know, spiders should be more afraid
                         of us... 

                         And we are. Trust me. 
                         We friends now?

                         My therapist says there's only two
                         species of spider that are of any
                         concern in the United States.

                         Like, deadly?

                         No, not really.

                         There ya go. Just don't put any of
                         those two in your ear and you'll be
                         fine -- sorry. Too soon.


                         I know you understand irrational
                         fear and irrational thoughts. I
                         mean, talking to a spider might not
                         be the pinnacle of sanity...but
                         you're working it out! 
                         -- Why we run up the stairs when
                         the lights are out, why hiding
                         under the covers will protect us
                         from demons. You're asking
                         questions, which is awesome --
                         eight thumbs way up if I had 'em. 
                         Fear shouldn't be the default,
                         curiosity should be. Sure, fear has
                         it's uses -- it can keep us safe.
                         But it also, as with your case,
                         hinders relationships, work, and
                         day to day life. So learning about
                         the things we fear is the best step
                         forward. To look at a spider and
                         say, "Oh, hello there." Instead of,
                         "Oh hell no there." 
                         Get what I'm spinnin' here?

                         Yeah okay, but knowing I have
                         irrational thoughts doesn't help me
                         get over it. 

                         I disagree. Awareness,
                         conditioning, exposure -- everyday
                         will add up in a big way.

                         Before you know it you'll be
                         reading a book in your backyard,
                         glance up, see me, and shrug it
                         off. Who knows, you might even find
                         me -- beautiful, dare I say a
                         hottie -- not a spider joke. 

               Phoebe approaches Charlotte to pick her up.



                         I'll try it.

                         Try what? Wait, no way. You don't
                         have to do it now, like Ohmygod,
                         give it some time.

                         No, no. I've -- trust me I've given
                         it my whole life.  

                         Okay -- if you're coming my way
                         just remember -- um -- fact --
                         You're massive. Absolutely colossal
                         in comparison to me. I'm no larger
                         than a cracker and/or walnut. I'm
                         just your friendly household
                         spiderfriend. Um. Wait, Are you --
                         how're you feeling?

                         I don't know -- scared.

                         Ok. Good. I'm terrified.
                             (under her breath)
                         Please don't kill me.

                         That would be the easy way --
                         Okay, I'm a little closer.

                         Okay --

                         Okay -- I'm -- you need to know I
                         have -- I'm using the fly swatter?

                         Oh okay -- like... for what?

                         I don't know yet.

                         Ok. You can do this. Feel the new
                         connections firing in your brain.
                         You're not going to die, I'm not
                         going to kill you. Vending machines
                         are the enemy. I'm a fraction of
                         your size. You're doing great. 
                         Wow, you're real big and real

                         Uh huh. 

                         I'm ready.
                             (long beat)


                         Whoa! Hey! Oh... is that -- is that
                         uh -- something I can walk on?

                         Yes -- holy shit -- please do it
                         quick -- I mean, not too quick -- I
                         couldn't handle you moving like

                         Yeah oh oh I understand.


                             (nervous humorous voice)
                         All aboard captain.

               Both have super nervous laughter.



                         You moved!

                         I moved cause you moved! You
                         dropped me. Okay okay, there that
                         wasn't so bad.

                         Okay this time don't move.

                         I'm a spider, I don't know what's
                         going on.


               Running up stairs, then the door opens. 

                         DAD? DAD WAIT!


                         Got it. Everything's okay. I'm
                         sorry, I just got your message. I
                         left my phone in the car. You okay?

                         Am I dead? I'm an angel! With my
                         little spidey wings -- oh wait. God
                         doesn't give souls to spiders.

                         There's another one on your fly

                         WAIT don't.

               She walks to the window.

                         Here Charlotte. You can step on the
                         window sill. 
                         Okay, fine. Friends. Get out of


                         Sweetheart. You okay?

                         Yeah, I -- need some time to

                         Yeah two spiders in one day.

                         That wasn't a spider. You stepped
                         on an exoskeleton. She -- molted.

                         Why'd you tell me to stop?

                         I don't know.

                         You hate spiders.

                         I just -- I -- hated the way they
                         look, I guess. 

                         You feeling okay?
                         I mean I'm proud you're talking
                         this through though.

                         Dad. I'm hearing voices and need to
                         call my therapist. 

                         Okay. Well -- we'll make an
                         appointment then. 

                         You know you can always talk about
                         these things to me right?

                         Yeah -- I'm going to be doing a lot
                         more of that.

               End music and credits.