November 22, 2021 Matt Musgrove Season 1 Episode 3
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A couple tries to keep their relationship alive while undergoing a difficult surgical procedure. 

Performed by Denise Simone and Joel Vilinsky

Written & Produced by Matt Musgrove
Music by Tess Makena
Co-editing by Cherron Arens

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                            by Matt Musgrove

   The opening dialogue can be playfully improvised.

                         Just hold still. 

                         Oh right, thank you, that's what I
                         need to do. You know exactly what I

                         Well, your hands are shaking.

                         Well, they're not supposed to. 

                         First time doing this procedure?

                         Feels like it.

                         Jesus, I've never seen you shake
                         like this before.

                         You must be special.

                         Uh huh. I'd help calm you down, but
                         I can't see what you're doing right

                         It's better if you don't know.

                         Well that makes me super

                         I've made the incision. 

                         (very uncomfortable) 
                         Oh -- okay. You already did it? 


                         Does it look bad? I mean, what does
                         it look like? I'm -- is --
                         it's fine, I'm fine.

                         You're very fine. Everything's
                         okay. It's not the incision I'm
                         worried about.


                         This area above your collar bone -
                         looks like it's been -- and I could
                         be wrong - but it looks like some
                         sort of...Danger Zone? 

                         You're the worst.

                         No, my professional opinion is you
                         need to be careful with this area,
                         you could get extremely turned on.    

                         Uh huh, keep talking cowboy. 


                         Don't go. Please. 

                         Why do you do that? Everything was
                         light and flirty and fun, then the
                         guilt trip. We've talked ad nauseam
                         -- you have to be okay with this.
                         You'll be fine. The kids will be
                         fine. We've prepared, we've talked 
                         - I know. This isn't my first
                         choice. But the tired cliche "shit
                         happens" is at our door and you
                         have to be okay with it. Let's just
                         chill and enjoy this little time we
                         have, here, now, please?

                         You understand where I'm coming
                         from right?

                         Yes. I get it. And I hate to say it
                         but it's a little selfish.

                         Selfish? You're my

                         And you need to be okay with being
                         alone. You have to stop. I'll be
                         fine. My parents will be there if
                         anything goes wrong. So. Let's -- 
                             (breathes out)
                         Blank slate. Look at me.

                         Hi beautiful.

                         That's better. And you're a liar, I
                         don't even have my wig and makeup

                         Doesn't matter.


                         Well it's true.

                         And you're too sweet.

                         You are.
                         Does it hurt when I do this?

                         No, it feels okay. 

                         And that?

                         Nope, I don't feel anything.

                         That's good.

                         Alright you can kiss my neck if you
                         want. No one's here...

                         Keep it professional sweetie.

                         Oh I need to keep it professional?
                         Mr. Danger Zone. 

                         Uh huh.

                         And Doctor patient fantasies are
                         your favorite...


                         Come on, we've watched --
                         Okay, wait. Before you do that -- 
                             (nervously exhales) 
                         Now I'm feeling weird. Just give me
                         a sec. Okay you can hold my hand

                         Only when you're ready.

                         Mh hm. Go ahead.

               A hum of a machine.

                         I don't like this.

                         It's okay sweetheart. Keep those
                         hazel eyes pointed up. Don't look

                         I can't.

                         Remember when we gave blood after
                         9/11? You were a champ with that

                         I was quite proud of myself. YOU,
                         on the other hand, passed out.

                         There you are. There's that smile
                         and relentless digging I've grown
                         to love. No. I was woosey, that's
                         all. I felt woosey, how many times
                         can I say woosey for you to
                         understand the non-pass-out state I
                         was in was woosey. The nurse, or --
                         are they? Are they nurses? 

                         I think they're volunteers.

                         She immediately unhooked me, after
                         I filled half the damn bag. 

               Evee laughs.

                                   ADEN (CONT'D)
                         It's not funny. A grown ass adult
                         with a juice box and half a pint of
                         blood missing. And they threw it
                         away. 'Cause I didn't fill the
                         stupid thing? It's not right.

                         It was perfect. You were nauseous
                         and dizzy, and I saved a life.

                         Yeah yeah. 
                             (long beat)
                         I took you for granted. 

                         Why do you say that?

                         Throughout my thirties. Definitely
                         in my twenties. I was always
                         looking ahead at my career and
                         challenges, and the kids. It's hard
                         to know the value of what you have
                         when life's on autopilot. But
                         that's what you do -- that's what
                         you have to do. You have to look
                         ahead. Because you were always
                         there. The bad, the good. 
                         Maybe I didn't take you for granted
                         -- I don't know what I'm trying to
                         say. I'm boring myself just talking
                         about it -- 

                         No this is good. 
                         That right there, was the most I
                         think you've ever opened up to me --

                         Now it's too late.

                         And now it's too late.

               The machine sound powers down.

                                   ADEN (CONT'D)
                         Well, that's it.

                         Look at that. I survived.
                         Okay, now what're you doing?

                         You know what I'm doing. 

                         Please just walk me through it.

                         Needle and sutures. 

                         Ugh, the needle.

                         I need to let go of your hand for a
                         second okay?


                         I know. Just for a second.

                         It doesn't hurt. Just feeling


                         I can't.

                         I'm talking to myself.

                         Thank you for doing this for me. I
                         know this must be excruciating. 

                         Yeah it's pretty rough. But you
                         wanted me to do this before you
                         left. So, here we are. The hardest
                         thing I think I've ever done in my
                         No biggie.
                             (frog in throat)
                         Well, I uh, I'm done. Thanks for --
                         coming in. 
                         I can attempt to do your nails,
                         hair, and makeup, it's not my forte
                         but I can do a bang up job at
                         making you look like Ru Paul --

                         Oh sweetheart, I'll keep my
                         dignity, thank you. You can give me
                         a foot rub though --  
                         And this isn't the last time.
                         I'm not leaving till tomorrow. We
                         still have the going away

                         The last time it's just us.

                         I love you. Don't let this destroy
                         you. Let's say I decide to come
                         back in a few years. Would I want
                         to see you unhealthy, depressed,
                         peeing into bottles, surrounded by
                         cats? Would you want that for me? 

                         I know, I'd want you to be happy
                         and live an amazing life. 
                         You know I do this for a living

                         Then do it. Psychiatrists see other
                         psychiatrists, doctors see other
                         doctors, funeral directors --

                         I know.

                         Just because you're an expert
                         doesn't make you immune. Please
                         listen to me on this, listen to
                         yourself. Go see someone okay? 

                         I know, but it'll never go away.

                         No it won't. And it'll come in
                         waves. But you know what helped me
                         through my Mother's death? I looked
                         in the mirror and really asked
                         myself. "What do I want? Not you,
                         not the kids, not my Dad. What do I
                         want to do for me? Watch a movie?
                         Start a garden? Exercise? Be with
                         friends, listen to an audiobook,
                         play a game or puzzle? Anything for
                         my mental health." And I don't mean
                         be selfish, in any way. Once I
                         figured out my mental health I was
                         able to be there for all of you.
                         I did things that made me happy and
                         guess what. Every day I started
                         feeling a little better. 

                         I know.

                         No. Stop saying "I know." Listen to
                         me. Do something nice for yourself.
                         A little bit everyday. And what a
                         relief I won't be there to nag you
                         along the way.
                         What would make you happy? 

                         Have you stay. And nag me.

                         Take my hand again. Feel my cheek.
                         Touch my lips. I'm already gone
                         sweetheart. And I love you so much.
                         I wish I could see the funeral and
                         everybody there. I'm sure you
                         pulled all the strings to make it
                         beautiful. And I don't mean my
                             (smiling with tears)
                         You want to brush my hair?

                         Yeah, I'd like that.

                         I'm going to go now alright?


                         Have an amazing life sweetheart. Be
                         good to yourself. Keep moving
                         forward. And have fun for fuck's

                         Yeah. I will. It just hurts. 
                         I'll keep moving forward. 
                             (deep breath)
                         You still there? 

               Closing credits.